Who`s with Who.

Wasp.KTM. Still a twinshock, but built with a light weight frame and fitted with a small watercooled twostroke KTM engine.

This was the beginning of the end for the big twinshocks.

Most, if not all these guys and girls can be seen racing in the U.K. and Europe.

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Blue numbers denote UK crews. Red numbers denote French crews.

please note. These race numbers are not made offical by being added below.  However these numbers are being used by whoever is listed. so please respect this list when picking your number as alot of these guys have had shirts etc printed at a cost and use this number week in week out.  THANKYOU.

 01. Paul Morris/George Wolff. Rotax Wasp 605cc. Hampshire

 02. Dickie Skinner/Kate Collins. Yamaha Wasp. 1000cc/Wasp Wasp 1000cc.  Birmingham .

4. Ian Bennett/Tim Bennett. Yamaha/Norton Wasp . Newmarket and Bury St Edmunds.

5. Rob Wilkinson/Adie Mathews. Yamaha Wasp. 1000cc. Horndean  

 07. Terry Parsons/ Doug boyd.  Norton Wasp 850cc. Somerset and Essex 

09. Nick Knight/Joe Knight. norton Wasp 920cc.  Chichester. West sussex.

10. Keith Pattison/jack Pattison.  Yamaha Wasp.  880cc.  Midhurst. 

11. Will Acock/Rob coles. Honda Wasp. 589cc.Worchester and Frome 

12. Ivan Barker/Keith Potter.  Yamaha Wasp. Essex.

13. Shaun Mallows/Colin Dunkley.  Yamaha Wasp 880cc. Essex.

14. Nick Leatherland/ ????. Yamaha Wasp. 950cc. Northampton. and Frome  

17. Mick Lawrence/??. Yamaha Wasp 880cc. Farncombe and   

18. Paul Pelling/James Georges. Wasp Yamaha 1000 v twin. Hampshire. 

19. Ray Tawn/Steve Tawn.  Yamaha Wasp 650cc.  Brentwood and Chelmsford.

22. Adam Longmore/Mike Snow. Yamaha  Wasp. 650cc.  

23. Paul Harker/Matt wiliams. Yamaha Wasp. 880cc. Upton-on-Severn  

26.  Ivan Walker/????. Yamaha Wasp. France. ex Brits. 

29. Chris moss/Andy Wood Yamaha Wasp. 1000cc. Compton Bassett and Chippenham.  

30. Matt Bodfish/Ken Way. Wasp norton 920cc.

32. Chris Walker/Luke Williams. EML Yamaha 880cc.

34. Paul Giles/Kieran Giles. Yamaha Wasp. Didcot.   

㺨. Richard Coles/????. Weslake Wasp. 950cc.Basingstoke   

41. Martin Guilford/Robert Batten. .  Yamaha Wasp Broughton and Tadley.

42. John Caffrey/Tim Bodfish-Louise Wickens.  650cc. Honda wasp-Yamaha EML.  Haverfordwest

44. Nick Javis/Greg wernham. Yamaha Wasp. 1000cc. Farnborough and Farnborough.   

45. Bob Collier/Tess Collier.  Yamaha.  Northampton. RIP.

46. Chris Batt/Richard Brinsden Triumph Wasp. 840cc/Rotax Wasp. 600cc. Camberley and Maidenhead. 

47. Pierre Sacchettini/Germain Sacchettini. Wasp norton 850cc. Foucart and Paris . France.

55. Steve Bann/Neal Bann. Yamaha Wasp. 750cc.

56.   Nigel Marchant/Mark Rousell Yamaha Wasp vt1000cc. Highworth and Wroughton.

69. Philip Boote/Michael Stones.  Yamaha Wasp 1000cc. .  Biddulph Moor and  ???. Semi Retired  

71. Paul Kimble/Alex Leisk. Yamaha Wasp 1000cc. Wokingham. 

72. Wayne Barker/Nat seely.  Pit pony.

74. Arthur Walton/James Georges. Wasp Wasp 1000cc.

75. Jonathan Bodfish/????. Honda Wasp. 600cc.  Narberth. 

77. Steve Kendrew/Pete sonley. Wasp Rotax 636cc.  Tadley. Hants.

79. Paul Woolf/Bob Hunt.   Yamaha Wasp 840cc.    

98. Garry Patey/????. Wasp Rotax. 600cc. Farnbough.

99. Michael Mead/Suzanne Mead.  Mead Godden 1000cc. Kent.  

103. Marc Thorne/Phill gosling.  Norton Wasp 830cc. Newbury.   

111. Charles chivers/Dan Chivers. Yamaha Wasp. 1000cc. Dartmouth.  

112. Ross Chivers/Glen Restrick .Yamaha Wasp 880cc.  Dartmouth and Frome.

113. John Palfrey/Nat sealy.                               Essex.

114. Terry Mead/Allison Mead. B.S.A Mead. 840cc. Kent and Kent.   

118. Robert Barnes/Faye Barnes. Yamaha Wasp. Worcestershire.  

123. Gary wolff/George wolff. Rotax Wasp. 700cc.  somerset. 

131.Chris Tye/David Tye.  Norton Wasp. 880cc.Tiptree & Hullbridge.

138. Tony Beeching/Scott Beeching. Wasp Norton. Somerset.

140. Terry Bacon/Steve Nunn. Norton wasp 750cc.  1974. Essex.

153. Mike Wells/????. Yamaha Wasp. 840cc. Salisbury.   

224. Shane Horton/Paul Horton.  Honda Wasp. 540cc.  Worcester. 

241. Steve Burdge/James Cuff. Yamaha Wasp. 880cc. 

303. Dave Metcalf/Steve tye. Norton Wasp. 850cc. Essex.

322. Eric Maguire/Tilo Msguire. Yamaha ??. 498cc. Ascot & ascot. 

388. Karen Carter/Sam Carter.  Norton Wasp 850cc.  Hereford.  

417. Andrew Carter/Leigh Carter.  Norton Wasp 920cc.  Hereford.  

490. Dave Wilby/Ricky Wilby.  Norton Wasp��cc.  Birmingham

597. Darren Metcalf/Jason Sigournay    Norton Wasp 850cc  Essex 

722. Bryan Bodfish/Rosie Jackson. Norton Wasp 750cc. Wales.

883. Neil Hiscock/steve Baughan. Harley davidson 840cc. Trowbridge. Wilts.

00. Serge Pyck /Lecomte Remy.   wasp norton 920.  wasp wasp 1000.  wasp kawasaki 750h2. France.

Peter Brinsden/. Norton Wasp. 850cc. Reading and Maiden Head.

Philip Edwards/Peter Edwards. Yamaha Wasp. 880cc. Telford and Telford. Retired 

Mike Davies/Les Powell. Yamaha Wasp. 880cc. 

Graham Jones/Ray Eltham. Rotax Wasp. 600cc. Salisbury plain and ?. Retired

Peter Clear/Darron Osborne. 1982, Yamaha Wasp. 880cc. Chichester and Chichester.

Scott Wilkinson/** . Yamaha E.M.L. 975cc. Petersfield 

Alan Dow/Paul Huchman. Yamaha Wasp 880cc. Essex.

Paul Thomas/Nancy Thomas.  Yamaha Wasp 650cc. 

Steve Long/Rowena Long.  Norton Wasp 850cc. 

John Budgen/Lee Peck.  Norton Wasp 850cc. retired

Paul Seller/Kerry Walters.  Norton Wasp 850cc.  

Jason Thompson/Tim Clark.  Mead BSA 650cc.  

Les Porterfield/Lyndon Carter  .   Norton Wasp 920cc. Birmingham and Colchester. 

Owen Turnbull/Souix Lisle.  Norton Wasp 850cc. 

Peter Woods/Freddy Woods.  Norton EML 920cc. 

Ray Everitt/Kim maddocks.  Harley Wasp 1500cc.  Shopshire and Cheshire. 

Stuart Coles/Phil Robinson.  Yamaha Wasp 840cc.  Market Harborough and Market Harborough. 

Colin Gilder/Graham Eastall.  Yamaha EML. 600cc.  Gt Notley and Coggeshall. 

Ray Humm/Russell Humm.  Yamaha Wasp 650cc.  Colchester and Colchester. 

Chris Kearney/Mick Gorman.  Norton Wasp 750cc.  Peldonm and Chelmsford. 

Keith Lessiter/Helen Lessiter.  Norton Wasp 850cc.  Burgess Hill and Burgess Hill. 

Doug Skinner/Sandra Skinner.  Norton Wasp 850cc.  Burgess Hill and Burgess Hill. 

Ron Sayer/Antony Sayer.  Norton Wasp 920cc.  Ipswich and Ipswich. 

Nick Mills/Doug Boyd.  Wasp Wasp 1000cc.  Danbury and Braintree.  Bike rebuild. 

Martin Hagon/???.   Hagon Yamaha 850cc.  ??? and ???. 

Nick Wilkins/mike Wilkins.  Norton Wasp 850cc.  Reading and Reading. 

Brian Ayres/Geoff Guppy.  Wasp. Langport.    

John Boote/Ian Coulter.  Yamaha Wasp 1000cc. Stoke on Trent. Retired 

John Palfrey/Natt sealy.  Norton Wasp. 850cc.  Yeldham.  

John Powell/Aeron Powell. Yamaha Wasp. 650cc. Swansea Valley. 

Duncan Coley/Adam Capewell.  Norton Wasp 750cc. RT17. 1979. Stourbridge, West Midlands.  

Rob Jones/Steve Jones. EML. Yamaha 650cc.  Banbury. 

Mark (Kiwi) Brucallis Davies/ Simon (Sprocket) Astley,   Norton Wasp 920,  Carlean/ Stafford